Thursday, September 13, 2018

Railway Group D Preparation(English)

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) of India has released a notice regarding the examination date of Railways Group D Level 1 of recruitment 2018 exam.

This consists exam for the post of khalasi, porter,gateman etc.

The Computer Based Test (CBT) for recruitment of Level 1 posts is likely to start from 17th September 2018.

The Exam City, date and shift details shall be made live 4 days prior to the start of CBT. To conduct this exam there is going to be a huge and long schedule for this exam.

Online Question of topic English:
51.Be careful when you ride on a bike, ……..?

(a) won’t you (b) did you (c) didn’t you (d) aren’t you

52. The passive voice of “He made his wife do the work”:

(a) His wife was making to do the work (b) His wife was made to do the work

(c) His wife was done the work (d) His wife was made doing the work

53. The feminine gender of horse is:

(a) Cow (b) Lass (c) Hind (d) Marc

54. Find out the wrongly spelt word:

(a) Zealous (b) Committee (c) Souvenior (d) Allotted

55. That house …….. to peter:

(a) belongs (b) is belonging to (c) is belonged to (d) was belonged to

56. He is ….. going near an elephant.

(a) afraid (b) afraid of (c) feared (d) fearing

57. The older we grow:

(a) the wiser we became (b) wiser we become (c) the wisest we become (d) we grow wiser

58. The teacher asked Ravi:

(a) whether he saw the exhibition (b) whether he had seen the exhibition
(c) whether had seen the exhibition (d) whether he will see the exhibition

59. We shall wait here:
(a) until you return (b) until you will return (c) until you returned (d) until you had returned

60. Neither of the two speakers ……. eloquent
(a) were (b) had (c) was (d) being

61. It has been raining ……. last night
(a) For (b) at (c) since (d) till

62. The price of petrol is higher than
(a) diesel (b) the diesel (c) of diesel (d) that of diesel

63. No sooner had she heard the sad news ……… she burst in to tears.
(a) when (b) before (c) than (d) then

64. They discussed …… the border issue at the summit.
(a) about (b) of (c) against (d) none

65. I would resign if I …….. you
(a) am (b) was (c) were (d) had

66. Dessert means:
(a) sand covered large area if barren land (b) sweet savory confection (c) abandon (d) detailed

67. The opposite of the word ‘Sympathy’
(a) Apathy (b) Pride (c) Angry (d) Pity

68. The dacoits …… to the police after much resistance
(a) gave up (b) turned down (c) gave in (d) passed away

69. The president A.P.J Abdul Kalam …….. the nation to stand united in the fight against terrorism
(a) called on (b) called at (c) called off (d) called upon

70. Never look a gift horse
(a) in the mouth (b) in the park (c) in the zoo (d) in the stable 

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