Thursday, September 13, 2018

Railway Group D Preparation(Reasoning)

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) of India has released a notice regarding the examination date of Railways Group D Level 1 of recruitment 2018 exam.

This consists exam for the post of khalasi, porter,gateman etc.The Computer Based Test (CBT) for recruitment of Level 1 posts is likely to start from 17th September 2018.

The Exam City, date and shift details shall be made live 4 days prior to the start of CBT. To conduct this exam there is going to be a huge and long schedule for this exam.

Online Questions topic  of Reasoning:

71. Carpenter is related to furniture, in the same way Goldsmith is related to:

(a) Ornaments (b) Necklace (c) Chain (d) Bangles

72. Find the related word Thunder : Rain :: ….. : Night

(a) Day (b) Dark (c) Dusk (d) Evening

73. Find the pair which is differently related in comparison with the others:

(a) Labourer : Industry (b) Teacher : Classroom (c) Driver : Vehicle (d) Doctor : Patient

74. From the group of letters one is different from others.Find it out
(a) DgP (b) MsP (c) DiG (d) AsP

75. Which one does not follow the pattern
(a) 5/2 (b) 10/3 (c) 17/4 (d) 24/5

76. Insert the missing number: 5, 11, 21, 43, ….
(a) 85 (b) 86 (c) 87 (d) 88

77. Insert the missing letters …, ywu, qom, ige
(a) jhg (b) rpq (c) wus (d) mlj

78. If VENU is coded as E2122N then NEAT is codes as
(a) E2014A (b) E1420A (c) A1420E (d) A2014E

79. Showing a lady in the park, kumar said “She is the daughter of my grand father’s only
son”. How is Kumar related to the lady?
(a) Father (b) Daughter (c) Brother (d) Aunt

80. Mini tore out several successive pages from a book.Number of the first page she tore out is

385. It is known that the number of the last page which she tore out is with the same digits in
some other order.How many pages did she remove from the book?
(a) 154 (b) 253 (c) 469 (d) 451

81. If September 14 is Friday, how many Saturdays and Sundays will that month have?
(a) 4, 4 (b) 5, 4 (c) 4, 5 (d) 5, 5

82. Calendar is to date as Atlas is to:
(a) Jewellery (b) Map (c) Earth (d) Globe

83. A man walks 30 meters towards South. Then turning to his right he walks 30 meters. Then
turn to his left and walks 20 meters. Again takes a turn to his left and walks 30 meters. How far is
he from his initial position?
(a) 20 meters (b) 50 meters (c) 60 meters (d) 80 meters

84. Fill in the blank as per the sequence: PLANETARIUM, LANERAUIM, ANEUAMI, ……..

85. In a group of six person F is richer than E but not as rich as A. B is richer than C and D but not
as rich as A. E is richer than D. E and C are equally rich. Who is the poorest among them?
(a) Data inadequate (b) C (c) E (d) D 

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