Learn English Explained in hindi

I have done an analysis and tried hard to make the English Grammar Topic Easy and Understandable, so that any person who wants to learn english will not feel any complications, but if still it is complicated you can comment below and give your suggestions.

Structure of Sentence is the basic learning topic this will tell us how to make a sentence in English.

Present Tense
Past Tense
Future Tense

2.Main Section

This is the main section of learning english this helps to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful.

Parts of Speech

Phrasel Verbs
Confusing Verbs


Intensive Pronoun

Descriptive  Quantitative  Demonstrative 
Possessive  Interrogative  Distributive

Adverb of Time Adverb of Place Adverb of Manner
Adverb of Degree Adverb of Frequency 

 Compound Preposition Phrase Preposition  Double Preposition 
Participle Preposition 

Preposition Acc. to Functionality 


3.Modification section

This section provides the information how to modify a performed sentence into a newer way, like telling a sentence which is already said by someone etc.


Books Download

A Student's Introduction to English Grammar 
Essay Writing for English Tests (Gabi Duig)
General English Grammar by Dr. Ramphal Nain